in regard to, with regard to, as regards 的用法

“In regard to,” “with regard to,” and “as regards” are all phrases used in English to refer to something or to indicate the subject matter of something. All of these phrases essentially mean “concerning” or “in relation to.”

“In regard to,” “with regard to,” and “as regards” 都是英語中的片語,用來指出話題的主題。所有這些片語的基本意思都是 “關於” 或 “與…相關”。

“In regard to” is used when you want to refer to something or indicate what you are talking about. 



In regard to your question, I believe I have the answer.


“With regard to” can be used interchangeably with “in regard to”.

“With regard to”: 這個片語可以與 “in regard to” 互換使用。


With regard to your previous email, we have decided to proceed with the project.


*在片語 in regard to 和 with regard to 中,請以單數形式書寫名詞 regard。

The store has called in regard to (not in regards to) the missing hot tub.

With regard to (not with regards to) my recent accident in the hot tub, I have completely recovered.


“As regards” is a slightly more formal phrase, but it essentially means the same as “in regard to” or “with regard to.” It is used to introduce a new topic or aspect of a subject.

“As regards”: 這是一個稍微正式一些的片語,但它的基本意思和 “in regard to” 或 “with regard to” 相同。它可以用來引入新的話題或主題的新方面。


As regards your request for funding, we need more information before we can proceed.


*The final s is correct only in the phrase as regards, where regards is a verb.
在片語 as regards 中,最後的 s 是正確的,其中 regards 是一個動詞。

As regards the hot tub, I’m making a planter out of it!

注意: In regard to, with regard to 和 as regards 是較為正式的片語。也可以使用使用 about, as for, concerning 或 regarding更直接地傳達訊息。