SOP, Resume, and Cover Letter 資料和範本

有學生問我,申請大學或找工作時該如何撰寫讀書計畫(statements of purpose)、求職信或簡歷。當前,我們很常運用如ChatGPT這樣的AI語言處理工具,來為我們生成一些範本,甚至是將我們的資訊變成條理分明的文檔。然而,我要提醒大家,不要依賴這些AI工具,而是要了解其中的利弊。那麼,我們該如何讓自己的申請文件真正地脫穎而出呢?

Some students have asked me how to write their statements of purpose, cover letters, and resumes for college or job applications. Nowadays, we often use AI language processing tools such as Chat GPT to provide us with templates or even organize our information into complete documents. However, I would caution against solely relying on these AI tools without understanding their pros and cons. So, how can we make our application documents truly stand out from the rest?


In essence, we want to be authentic, focused, and tailor our applications to fit the school or job position. Before we even start writing, we should conduct thorough research. Examine the program or position in detail and review examples from successful candidates. Conduct this research before you even begin writing a draft. Before and after crafting your first draft, you can seek the help of professionals or successful candidates for general advice and a structural template (e.g., state your purpose in the intro, provide specific reasons and examples in the body to show how you will be a successful candidate, and explicitly state how you can contribute to the program, school, or position in the conclusion). The next step involves reviewing your draft with others and then revising and editing it multiple times.


To help you begin the process, I have included some sample SOPs, resumes, and cover letters from successful Ivy League candidates. Use these as a starting point only. Do NOT merely copy them or plug them into ChatGPT along with your information. You must research your specific program or job and write in a manner that shows how you are a great fit for that opportunity.

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