Are you ready for some Christmas trivia?


Test you friends on these tidbits of Christmas knowledge.

How many did you get right?

考考你朋友有關聖誕節的趣聞知識,你答對了幾題? 祝同學聖誕節快樂🎄🎁🎅


1. Out of every 10 people, how many Americans celebrate Christmas?


Answer: Nine in 10 Americans celebrate Christmas, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, and around 55% consider it a religious holiday, while 33% think of it as more of a cultural celebration. 皮尤研究中心於2017年進行的一項調查顯示,十分之九的美國人慶祝聖誕節;大約55%的人將其視為宗教節日,而33%的人則將其視為一種文化慶祝活動。


2. Has Christmas ever been illegal to celebrate?


Yes. The Massachusetts-Bay Colony ordinance of 1659 made Christmas illegal to celebrate in that specific colony. The law was repealed in 1681. Christmas didn’t become a state holiday in Massachusetts until 1856, though.

沒錯。 1659年的馬薩諸塞州灣殖民地法令讓在那個殖民地慶祝聖誕節是非法的,該法律於1681年被廢止。聖誕節直到1856年才成為馬薩諸塞州的國定假日。


3. How did red and green become Christmas colors?


We mostly have holly and Coca-Cola to thank for the rise of red and green as Christmas colors. Holly, obviously, has bright red berries and dark green leaves. It was used long ago by the ancient Celts for winter solstice celebrations as a symbol of protection and good luck. Coca-Cola’s role in making the colors a widespread combo for the holiday began in 1931 with ads featuring Santa Claus in a red and white suit surrounded by a green background and accents.



4. True or false: “Jingle Bells” was written to be a Christmas song.


False! The song wasn’t intended to be attached to the holiday. Some historical reports say it was first performed at a Thanksgiving church service. In any case, the lyrics don’t mention any holiday at all.



5. How many Americans use artificial Christmas trees?


A survey conducted by Nielsen for the American Christmas Tree Association found that nearly 94 million U.S. households will display a Christmas tree this year. Of those, 85 percent are artificial.



6. How much do Americans spend on holiday shopping?


The National Retail Federation reports that Americans plan to spend an average of about $998 this year on holiday shopping. That’s down from last year’s average of around $1,048.



7. True or false: People no longer send out Christmas cards.


False! The rate of sending any greeting card has gone down over the years, but this year especially, people are sending holiday cards as a way to connect with others during the pandemic.



8. What’s the most popular Christmas song of all time?


Answer: The most recorded Christmas song of all time is “Silent Night,” according to Time, whereas “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby holds the Guinness World Record for the best-selling single.

答:根據《時代》雜誌,有史以來錄製最多次的聖誕節歌曲是《寂靜的夜晚》,而Bing Crosby的《白色聖誕節》則維持吉尼斯世界紀錄的最高銷量。


9. Why do we hang Christmas stockings?


Answer: The tradition came about thanks to a legend that states the generous Turkish bishop St. Nicholas helped a set of three poor sisters avoid a life of indentured servitude by paying for their dowries. For three nights, the bishop threw gold down their chimney, which landed in their stockings hung by their fireplace to dry. Now we carry on the tradition by hanging stockings to fill with gifts and small treats.



10. True or false: There was once a real-life Santa Claus.


Answer: True! The Christian bishop Saint Nicholas was the inspiration behind the jolly man we all know and love. St. Nicholas, a generous, gift-gifting clergyman, lived in modern day Turkey and devoted his life to helping the poor, according to Biography.



Bonus Question: Can you still say Merry Christmas? I will leave this question to you.

你還能再說「聖誕快樂」嗎?還是要講別的說法? 這問題的答案留給你好好思考。


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