[時事英文] 到底是 「 All Lives Matter」還是 「 Black Lives Matter」?

All lives can only matter when black lives matter.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement by posting an email exchange with an upset customer.
1. express support 表達支持
2. the Black Lives Matter movement 「黑人的命也是命」運動
3. an email exchange 通信
4. an upset customer 憤怒的顧客
週五,亞馬遜執行長貝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)發布了一封其與一名憤怒的顧客互通的電子郵件,來表達對「Black Lives Matter」運動的支持。
In an Instagram post, Bezos posted a screenshot of an email from a customer who said it was “disturbing” and “offensive” that Amazon posted a message on its website in solidarity with the movement. The customer, whose name was blurred, wrote “ALL LIVES MATTER!”
5. post a screenshot 發布一張截圖
6. disturbing and offensive 讓人心煩且令人作嘔的
7. in solidarity with 聲援⋯⋯;與⋯⋯一致
8. All lives matter. 所有人的命都是命。
在 Instagram 的貼文中,貝佐斯發布了一封來自顧客電子郵件的截圖,該顧客稱亞馬遜在官網上聲援此項運動的訊息是「使人心煩」且「令人作嘔的」。該名顧客(姓氏已被塗黑)寫道——「所有人的命都是命!」
Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement often seek to counter the phrase by saying “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter,” referencing fallen police officers.
9. seek to counter 伺機反駁
10. reference (v.) 論及
11. fallen police officers 殉職的警察
批評「Black Lives Matter」運動的人通常會以「all lives matter」或「blue lives matter」——係指殉職的警察——來伺機反駁此項運動。
“I have to disagree with you,” Bezos replied.″
“‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. Black lives matter speaks to racism and the disproportionate risk that Black people face in our law enforcement and justice system.”
12. speak to sth 談論…
13. a disproportionate risk 過高的風險
14. the law enforcement and justice system 執法與司法系統
「我無法同意你,」貝佐斯回覆道。「說『Black Lives Matter』並不表示其他人的命就不重要。Black Lives Matter 指責了種族歧視,以及黑人在我們的執法與司法系統中所面臨的過高風險。」
Unlike black parents, Bezos said, he will never have to worry that his son “might be choked to death while being detained one day.” He added that he supports the recent protests around police brutality.
“I want you to know I support this movement that we see happening all around us and my stance won’t change,” he added.
15. never have to worry about 永遠無須擔心⋯⋯
16. be choked to death 被掐死;窒息而死
17. be detained 被拘留
18. support the recent protest 支持近期的抗議活動
19. police brutality 警察暴行
20. stance (n.) 立場
1. All lives matter, not only black ones.
Of course all lives matter! We can address racial discrimination towards all races, poverty, injustice, and other social issues at any time, but the focus now is on the Black Lives Matter movement.

When there is intense public scrutiny of social issues, it gives governments the motivation and support they need to address these issues. Moreover, by focusing on Black Lives Matter at the moment, we are able to examine underlying factors such as wealth inequality, systematic discrimination, and other injustices, all of which affect all races! The Black Lives Matter movement calls attention to these underlying issues.

這點絕對毋庸置疑!我們雖可同時處理因種族、貧困、不公不義以及其他社會問題所帶來的種族歧視,惟現階段的重點乃在於「Black Lives Matter」。當大眾格外關注某一議題時,將能提供政府解決問題所需的動力與支持。此外,藉由「Black Lives Matter」運動,我們便能檢視財富不平等、系統性歧視以及其他的不公不義,以裨益所有群體。「Black Lives Matter」運動喚起了大眾對這些問題的關注。


2. Discrimination and prejudice exist everywhere. Protesting will only make things worse.


Nearly all the rights we possess today are founded on the sacrifices of the generations before us through hundreds if not thousands of years of civil movements and reforms. Voicing injustice and grievances is an effective way to help our society become aware of social issues and take action. A recent example is the discrimination against Asian Americans in the US. If they had not spoken up against discrimination, there would not be sufficient public pressure to condemn those who wrongly pin the blame of the pandemic on them.



3. George Floyd had a criminal past. Why wasn’t this reported?


Video footage shows that Floyd was not behaving in a violent manner during his arrest, was not armed, and was not suspected of a violent crime. The claim that his criminal past was not reported is false as it was covered by the Guardian, NPR, and other press. Some news outlets might not have published this because past events have no bearing on how George Floyd was detained and treated. Some might also easily conflate these events and not focus on the current movement.



4. The government has not done anything wrong. Those who support the Black Lives Matter movement are condoning rioting and looting.

政府並沒有做錯事。那些支持「Black Lives Matter」運動的人,正在縱容暴亂與搶劫的發生。

A democratic government exists to serve the people, but citizens in democracies must also agree to abide by the rules and obligations by which they are governed. Democracies grant many freedoms to their citizens, including the freedom to dissent and criticize the government.

When a government violates the fundamental human rights of its citizens, it is the civic responsibility of citizens to protest and redress these infringements and violations. Unfortunately, some are so frustrated with the inaction of the government that they will resort to violence to make themselves heard. There are also some who take the opportunity to benefit themselves through rioting and looting. Such actions should be condemned to the full extent of the law.



It is common to base on our opinion of a complex issue on our own biases and tidbits of information provided by mainstream news outlets. However, for us to resolve any complex issue, we must seek to understand, analyze, and evaluate these issues in depth from multiple perspectives. While current social problems are difficult to solve, they present a chance for us to come together and change the world for the better!
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