Cherish Your Loved Ones

Losing a close family member is a deeply painful experience that leaves a gaping hole in our souls. As we age, such losses hit us harder as we become increasingly aware of life’s fleeting nature.


We often yearn for past memories shared with loved ones—family dinners, festive holidays, and simple moments of togetherness. Think of what you would give to see your grandparents’ warm smiles across the table during Lunar New Year or to hold the hand of a loved one while walking down a familiar street.


I’m no expert on dealing with loss, as I am still learning and coping myself, but I do believe that creating and cherishing memories with friends and family is crucial. By spending quality time with those who matter, we create a meaningful life for them and ourselves, leaving no regrets. At the same time, we leave a legacy of love for future generations.


For those who have experienced loss, may we all find solace in the relationships shared with those who remain and the memories of those who have passed. Carry the love of those we’ve lost in our hearts, honoring their memory while we move forward to live our lives to the fullest.


Remember, each day is a gift. Miss not those family gatherings for life is ephemeral. Keep your loved ones close. Together, let us embrace the joys and challenges, and celebrate the laughter and tears that come with life.


Peace and love to all.