A Beacon of Hope 希望的燈塔

This is the kind of news we need! Kudos to Michelle Yeoh and thank you for providing a beacon of hope to Asian Americans amidst these challenging times!

•Kudos to sb. 佩服、讚賞、欣賞某人。
•kudos [U] (隨某成就或地位而來的)名聲,聲譽,榮耀
•amidst 在…中間,在…當中;為…環繞
•challenging times 充滿挑戰的時期
•a beacon of hope 希望的燈塔



Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh made history by becoming the first Asian woman to win the best actress Oscar. Yeoh won for her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” in which she plays an immigrant laundromat owner who turns into a superhero version of herself.

•Oscar 奧斯卡
•make history 創造歷史
•a role in 在…的角色
•a laundromat owner 一位洗衣店老闆
•turn into 變成了…



Yeoh’s win marks a significant achievement for Asian actors as she is only the second Asian actor to be nominated in the best-actress category in the Oscars’ history. The actress dedicated her win to “all the little boys and girls who look like me,” calling it a “beacon of hope and possibilities.” Yeoh has been a longtime advocate for Asian representation in film and television.

•mark a significant achievement 標誌著重大成就
•be nominated for 被提名為…
•dedicate 獻給…
•an advocate (n.) for …的提倡者
•advocate (v.) 主張;擁護;提倡
•Asian representation 亞裔代表性



She has had vital roles in what have been the first large U.S. studio movies in years with all-Asian casts—Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings” and “Crazy Rich Asians.” Her latest role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” puts the spotlight on Asian immigrant women, and Yeoh hopes the movie will encourage people to notice and give them a voice. She plays the role of an aging Asian woman who is an Asian immigrant wife and mother trying to be everything for everyone, and her performance has drawn attention and accolades for her portrayal of a character who is often invisible.

•have a vital role in 重要角色
•a studio movie 影棚電影
•an all-Asian cast 全亞裔陣容
•put the spotlight on 將焦點放在…
•immigrant 移民
•give sb a voice 為…發聲
•try to be 試著…
•draw attention 引發關注
•receive accolades 得到讚譽
•portrayal of 描繪…



Thank you for giving underrepresented groups a voice!

•underrepresented groups 缺乏代表的群體



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