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ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, has been identified as a potential threat to higher education in that it can generate college essays and solve math problems among other tasks. However, educators have long been aware of AI writing tools such as Grammarly and QuillBot as they have existed for years before ChatGPT. While these writing services lack the full functionality and ease of use of ChatGPT, educators, and admissions officers have learned to work around them. There are also significant limitations with AI tools such as generating shallow responses that lack depth and at worst, erroneous! AI tools also cannot truly comprehend the meaning behind the words and could be subjected to biases from their data.

ChatGPT是一個由人工智慧運作的語言模型,被視為高等教育的潛在威脅,因為它可以產出大學論文並解決數學問題及其他吃力不討好的工作。然而,教育工作者早就知道人工智慧的寫作工具,像Grammarly與QuillBot業已存在多年。雖然這些寫作服務缺乏ChatGPT的全部功能,也沒那麼好用,但教育工作者與招生委員早已學會圍繞著它們開展工作。人工智慧工具也有很大的局限性,如給出膚淺的回答,甚至是錯誤的答覆! 人工智慧工具也無法真正理解語言的弦外之音,或將受大數據的偏好所影響。

Nevertheless, there is potential for the language model to enhance higher education, as it can be used as a new tool to utilize a nearly limitless amount of textual material. For example, in a composition course, students could critique and fact-check an AI-generated essay, add their own insights, and identify inaccuracies.


Although the use of AI-powered chatbots in education poses potential challenges, forcing educators to rethink how to compromise schooling and education. Many believe that such technologies can enhance the learning experience but educators are concerned with issues of plagiarism and over-reliance on AI. OpenAI is already working on solutions to address these potential problems. For example, it is exploring using cryptographic watermarks in ChatGPT results for plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin.


My suggestion for students is to first follow school regulations. Some educational organizations, such as New York City’s Department of Education, have blocked ChatGPT from devices and networks owned by schools. While AI tools can be useful for improving writing skills and efficiency, they should not be used to generate content for academic assignments. It’s always essential to prioritize academic integrity and the ethical use of AI technology.

Here are some schools in the US that have banned ChatGPT:


If ChatGPT is indeed permitted to assist in writing, the following prompts can help students and teachers.


I. Doing Initial Research 進行初步研究

Use ChatGPT to do some initial research on the topic. Please do note that the information you will read on ChatGPT is NOT always accurate, but ChatGPT is a useful device to help you gain some rudimentary background knowledge on the topic.



To do research, you can enter the following prompts:


📌 List # frequently cited sources of [topic].


📌 Summarize the following article in # words. Provide specific examples and quotes. [copy and paste the article]


Beware that ChatGPT does not allow you to enter prompts exceeding a specific word count. Once again, please note that ChatGPT does occasionally provide inaccurate information. You must always double check!!!

該對話框有字數限制,所以請留意這點。再次提醒, ChatGPT提供的資訊和文獻未必準確,務必自行查證!!!

II. Consider Context 考慮語境*

When writing prompts to generate a summary or paraphrasing, make sure you include the context of your writing. Who is your audience? For what field are you writing? 


Perhaps you can try the following prompts:


📌 Summarize the following article/source for junior high school students or students with a CEFR Be level. [provide source] or [copy and paste the article]

為國中生或具有CEFR Be程度的學生總結以下文章/資料。[提供來源]或[複製並貼上該文章]。

📌 Summarize the following article/source for a university-level audience. Use higher-level vocabulary. [provide source] or [copy and paste the article]


If you want to generate a template that you can edit, be as specific as possible in providing context for the AI. For example, you could write the following prompt:

若你想產出一個可供編輯的範本,要盡可能具體地提供人工智慧相關背景。例如,你可以這樣要求 AI:

📌 Write an email template announcing your resignation to your colleagues at an e-commerce company. You are the sales manager and have worked there for 3 years.


Make sure to fill in specific details edit the template accordingly.



III. Revising Your Work 修改你的作品

Remember, you can use Chat GPT to revise your work for grammatical accuracy and even make your writing more concise.


The following are a couple of possible prompts:


📌 Fix the grammatical errors in the following essay. [copy and paste the article]


📌 Make this paragraph more concise. [copy and paste the paragraph]


IV. Consider Writing Conventions 考量寫作慣例

Be aware of writing conventions and format. 要注意寫作慣例與格式。

Perhaps you have a list of sources and you want to put it in APA format. You can try the following prompts:


📌  Put the following sources in APA format. [copy and paste your sources]


Please note that ChatGPT does not always provide the correct APA citations!!!


Perhaps you want to reformat or even rewrite something. Try the following prompt:


📌 Reformat/Rewrite the following information into a news article. [copy and paste your information]


V. Never Over Rely on AI-Generated Content 絕對不要過度依賴人工智慧所產出的內容

Never, ever, just rely on AI-generated content to do all your writing. First off, you won’t be able to develop any of the necessary writing and critical thinking skills, so you are just hurting yourself in the long run. Second, there are severe consequences for plagiarism if your writing is detected as AI-generated. Last but not least, AI-generated content has many problems and if you do not have the aforementioned writing skills, you won’t be able to correct these errors and effectively use these tools.


With that last note said, it is certain that AI has and will continue to change how we write. There are so many more ways you can use ChatGPT to improve your writing, and the prompts above are only a starting point for you to explore how to use it. However, to use ChatGPT effectively, you must first learn to do research, think critically, and communicate complex ideas while considering context. Only then, will you be able to use AI effectively in assisting you write. AI cannot currently replace adept writers, nor can it conquer the world. However, an adept writer can use AI to become even greater, and a person who knows how to use AI can conquer nearly all the challenges ahead of him.



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