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「Spare us」中的「spare」是什麼意思?

哈利王子的回憶錄書名為 《Spare》(備用/備胎),而經濟學人這篇文章的標題則是 《Spare us》(放過/饒了我們吧)。




📌 spare (adj.) 額外的,備用的;多餘的

If something is spare, it is available to use because it is extra.

•a spare key/tyre (tire) 備用鎖匙/輪胎
•spare time 空閒時間


📌 spare (adj.) 瘦高的,瘦長的

(literary) tall and thin

•He had the spare build of a runner.


📌 spare (adj.) 簡樸的,未裝飾的

(literary usually approving) plain and not decorated

•The interior is spare, almost minimalist*.

*minimalist 極簡抽象派藝術的,極簡抽象派風格的,簡約主義的


📌 spare (v.) 饒恕;放過;不傷害

to not hurt or destroy something or someone

•They asked him to spare the women and children.


📌 spare (v.) (尤指在自己困難的情況下)抽出,撥出,擠出

to give time, money, or space to someone, especially when it is difficult for you

•[ + two objects ] Could you spare me £20?



1. “Spare me the details” – used to ask someone to not give too much information

2. “In my spare time” – used to refer to the time when one is not working or occupied with other responsibilities
3. “Spare a thought/moment” – used to ask someone to consider or think about something
4. “Spare me the lecture” – used to ask someone to not give a long or detailed explanation or talk on a subject, especially if the person asking believes they already know the information or is not interested in hearing it
5. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” – a quote that means if you don’t discipline a child, they will turn out bad.
6. “Spare change” – small amount of money, usually coins, that is left over after paying for something.
7. “Spare me” – used to politely ask someone to stop doing something or to not say something. 

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