翻轉視界 18 Changing Perspective


There’s not just one road to the destination, but many roads. You just need to take the little step that’s right in front of you, and then the next one, and a few years down the track, they will seem like massive achievements.
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I didn’t meet my father until I was 6 years old. My parents had a comfortable, middle-class life in Shanghai, or as close as you could get under communism. But they always wanted to live overseas, and just before I was born, my dad came to Sydney to set things up. I don’t know why, but in the end, my mother and I didn’t join him until I was 6.
•a middle-class life 中產階級生活
•set things up 打點一切
•live overseas 往海外生活
•in the end 最後 (表達在經過一段時間或一連串事件之後的結果)
Unfortunately, half a year after we arrived, he left us. That was a huge shock. Our transition had already been quite difficult, as we both didn’t speak English. Also, as Shanghai was such a big bustling city, Sydney felt a bit like the countryside, especially on the weekends, as no shops were open back then!
•shock 令人震驚的事件(或經歷);驚愕,震驚 (come as a great shock 讓人倍感震驚)
•transition 轉變;過渡
•a bustling city 繁華都會
We were very much reliant on my dad, not only financially, but also as a conduit into the wider community. So to have that broken was quite distressing. I remember Mum crying a lot. As we had become socially isolated, we didn’t find out anything about Centrelink, so we survived on her savings for a while, and then got some help from her family back in China.
•be reliant on… 依賴…
•a conduit into 進入…的渠道
•distressing (adj.) 令人苦惱的,令人擔憂的
•become socially isolated 變得孤立於社會
•survive on her savings 僅靠的她積蓄過日子
我們相當依賴我父親,不僅是經濟,他也是我們進入更廣泛社區的渠道。因此,當局面被打破時令人相當痛苦,我還記得母親時常哭泣。由於我們孤立於社會,所以我們並不知道澳洲社會福利聯絡中心 (Centrelink)的任何資訊,僅靠母親的積蓄支撐了一段時間,然後從母親在中國的娘家得到一些幫助。
Eventually, Mum moved us down to Melbourne, where we were able to make some new networks and family friendships. But I was bullied a bit at school about things like my food and clothing! Whenever someone bullied me, I would defend myself, but because I didn’t have the language skills to explain to the teacher why, I got in trouble quite a bit. I ended up having to move school 3 times before I came to Balwyn Primary School, which was relatively multicultural.
•be able to 能夠
•make new networks 建立新的人脈,關係網
•be bullied 被霸凌
•language skills 語言能力
•get in trouble 惹上麻煩
•end up 最後處於;最後成爲;以…告終
•relatively 相對地
•multicultural 多元文化的
最後,母親帶著我搬遷到墨爾本,在那我們能夠建立起新的網絡與家庭情誼。然而。我在學校飽受霸凌,例如我的食物及衣物。每當有人霸凌我,我會自我防衛,但我的語言技巧不足以向老師解釋事發原因,因此常常陷入麻煩。後來我不得不再三轉學,直到就讀相對多元文化的博文小學(Balwyn Primary School)。
After that, I did alright. Music featured very prominently in my life. I had started learning the violin from the age of 2.5 years old and even with all the troubles that were going on in my life, had somehow still kept up with it. As a result, I got a music scholarship to Trinity Grammar School. But even there I used to get into quite a lot of mischief, and would often skip school to go to the movies.
•do alight 過得不錯,做的不錯
•feature (v.) 以…為特色;給…以顯著的地位
•prominently 重要地;著名地;突出地,顯眼地
之後,我便過得不錯。音樂在我生活中佔有重要的一席之地,我從兩歲半開始學習小提琴,儘管生活中事事不如意,我依然堅持不輟。因此,我獲得三一文法學校( Trinity Grammar School)的音樂獎學金。但即使在那,我也常惡作劇、逃學看電影。
By the end of year 11, I was told I would have to either repeat the year, or consider going to another school, which was quite humiliating for my mum. I decided to move school and surprisingly, I ended up doing quite well in year 12! As a result, I ended up getting into a double degree in Law and Music at Monash.
•repeat the year 留級 ; 重唸一年
•humiliating 令人感到恥辱的,丟臉的
When I started, my first thought was that I didn’t belong because I had done so badly in school up to year 11 and everyone else seemed so smart. But I put my head down, got through it, and ended up getting a job in the legal department of a major manufacturing company, which was a different approach to what most law students do.
•do not belong 不屬於這
•put my head down 埋頭苦幹
•the legal department of …的法律部門
•a different approach 不同途徑
•approach (思考問題的)方式,方法,態度
I really enjoyed it. It was hard work, but I learned a lot of foundational business, legal and corporate communication skills. After that I worked in corporate governance in RMIT, then started to moonlight as a lecturer in the Law Faculty. Eventually, they asked me if I wanted to do a PhD and I blindly said yes! I next worked at Swinburne University, and then was head-hunted to lead the corporate legal team at the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Commission.
•foundational 基礎的
•communication skills 溝通技巧
•corporate governance
•moonlight (v.) (尤指瞞著僱主)從事第二職業,兼職
•headhunt (v.) 物色(人才); 挖角
•legal team 法律團隊
我非常喜歡這份工作,這是份辛苦的工作,但我學習了很多基礎商業、法律以及公司溝通技巧。之後我在皇家墨爾本理工大學( RMIT)從事公司治理工作,並開始兼職擔任法律系講師。後來他們問我是否想要讀博士,我便盲目地答應了。接下來,我在斯威本大學(Swinburne University)工作,再被挖角到商用小客車委員會領導法律團隊。
I had a good life, but after a while, I realised I wanted a different kind of job. I could see my seniors were making a lot of money but that their family life was not that good. And looking at my own upbringing, I wanted to be the kind of father who could be present in my own kids’ lives. So I decided on dentistry. It would not only allow me to use the hand skills that I had developed from playing the violin, but also the analytical and reasoning skills that I’d developed in law. Plus it would be flexible, and offer me a stable income and the chance to meet different people every day!
•upbringing 教養
•decide on sth 決定某事或東西
•analytical and reasoning skills 分析和推理能力
•offer a stable income 提供穩定收入
My now fiancée, who was my girlfriend at the time, was also applying for further study, and coincidentally we both got into university in South Australia, so we moved to Adelaide together a few years ago.
•fiancée 未婚妻
•at the time 當時
•apply for 申請
•further study 繼續教育,進修;進一步研究;深造
•coincidentally 碰巧地;巧合地
我的未婚妻,當時的女友,也申請繼續深造,巧的是我們都考上南澳大學(University of South Australia),所以幾年前一起搬到阿得雷德( Adelaide)。
I was lucky to get a university job at Flinders University. Initially, I started out as a casual lecturer in the law school, but I’ve since transitioned into teaching health law and research, and I’m currently writing a few books on the intersection between law and medicine. And also, obviously, trying to finish my dentistry degree!
•start out as… 起初擔任…
•transition into… 轉變到…
我很幸運的在福林德斯大學(Flinders University)找到工作,起初我在法學院擔任臨時講師,但我後來轉換到醫事法教學及研究。目前我正撰寫幾本關於法律與醫學相接的書籍,並努力完成我的牙醫學位。
Mum eventually retrained as a Chinese high school teacher, and she’s still teaching to this day. Like most first generation migrants, she struggled quite a lot, and invested heavily in my success. After we’re married, my fiancée and I are planning to have children, and I’m sure they will have it much easier than I did.
•retrain 重新培養;再培訓;再訓練
•to this day 至今
•first generation migrants 第一代移民
•struggle a lot 掙扎奮鬥許久
•have it much easier 過的比較輕鬆
Still, a lot of the failures that I’ve had in my life have really informed a lot of my successes. Looking back, I wouldn’t really want to change that to have a smoother life.
•inform [正式] 影響某人的態度或意見
•have a smoother life 有一個更順遂的人生
Over the years, I’ve learned that perseverance is very important. I hope that through telling my story, I can be an example to others who might be in a similar position as I was: to show that there’s not just one road to the destination, but many roads. You just need to take the little step that’s right in front of you, and then the next one, and a few years down the track, they will seem like massive achievements.
•over the years 多年來
•perseverance 不屈不撓,堅持不懈
•be an example 成為榜樣
•be in a similar position 處於相似的處境
•down the road/line/track 將來(的路)
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