‘She Is a Hero’: In Myanmar’s Protests, Women Are on the Front Lines 站在抗議第一線的緬甸年輕女性

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‘She Is a Hero’: In Myanmar’s Protests, Women Are on the Front Lines


Ma Kyal Sin loved taekwondo, spicy food and a good red lipstick. She adopted the English name Angel, and her father hugged her goodbye when she went out on the streets of Mandalay, in central Myanmar, to join the crowds peacefully protesting the recent seizure of power by the military.

•adopt the name 取用…(姓名)
•peacefully protest (v.) 和平抗議
•the seizure of power 奪取政權; seize (v.) 佔領,奪取;查封,沒收,充公

鄧家希(緬甸名Ma Kyal Sin)喜歡跆拳道、吃辣,和大紅色的唇膏。她給自己取了個英文名,叫Angel(安傑爾)。她在緬甸中部城市曼德勒走上街頭,加入到和平抗議最近軍方奪取政權的人群之前,父親與她擁抱道別。


“She is a hero for our country,” said Ma Cho Nwe Oo, one of Ms. Kyal Sin’s close friends, who has also taken part in the daily rallies that have electrified hundreds of cities across Myanmar. “By participating in the revolution, our generation of young women shows that we are no less brave than men.”

•a hero for our country 我們國家的英雄
•take part in 參加
•rally (n.) (尤指為表明支援某種主張的)集會,群衆大會 ; (v.) 集合;召集;(使)團結
•be no less brave than… 勇氣不比…少

「她是為國捐軀的英雄,」鄧家希的一個密友喬努烏(Ma Cho Nwe Oo)說。喬努烏每天都參加這些震撼緬甸各地數百座城市的集會。「通過參與這場革命,我們這代年輕女性表明,我們的勇氣不比男性小。」


Despite the risks, women have stood at the forefront of Myanmar’s protest movement, sending a powerful rebuke to the generals who ousted a female civilian leader and reimposed a patriarchal order that has suppressed women for half a century.

•stand at the forefront of 站在…的最前沿
•protest movement 抗議運動
•send a powerful rebuke 發出強有力的譴責
•oust (from) 將…趕下臺,罷免,廢黜;趕走;淘汰
•a patriarchal order 父權秩序
•suppress (用武力)鎮壓,壓制,制止


文章來自《紐約時報》: http://nyti.ms/2OdSdlp




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