From Mega to Microinfluencers 從「超級網紅」到「微型網紅」


Living the life of a famous influencer is the dream of many. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days enjoying delicacies, traveling to luxury resorts, and posing for photos while being paid by Instagram? In fact, according to an Awin study, “social media influencer” is the second most popular career choice, second only to being a doctor, among those between the ages of 11 and 16.

•live the life of… 過著⋯⋯的生活
•enjoy delicacies 享受美食
•a luxury resort 豪華的度假飯店
•pose for photos 擺姿勢拍照
•according to 根據⋯⋯
•social media influencer 網路紅人;社群媒體影響者
•between the ages of… 介於⋯⋯之間的年齡



Influencer culture is inextricably tied to consumerism and the rise of technology. An influencer refers to someone or something with the power to affect the consumption habits or actions of others by producing original content on social media platforms. Users of such platforms consider influencers more akin to a close friend than an advertiser or paid endorser, so much so that big brand names have done all they can to secure endorsements with so-called mega-influencers, online personalities commanding following into the millions.

•be inextricably tied to 與⋯⋯密不可分
•consumerism 消費主義;消費者主義
•refer to… 涉及⋯⋯;與⋯⋯相關
•consumption habits 消費習慣
•a social media platform 社群媒體平臺
•akin to 類似的;近於
•a paid endorser 有償的代言人



However, the age of mega-influencers seems to be coming to a close. Brands have begun to turn to micro-influencers, those with a few thousand or even a few hundred followers, seeing the value in their strong connection with their following.

•the age of… ⋯⋯的時代
•mega-influencer 超級網紅;超級影響者
•come to a close 即將結束
•turn to 轉向
•micro-influencers 微型網紅;微型影響者
•see the value in sth 看到某一個東西的價值
•have a strong connection with 與⋯⋯有緊密的關係