Is the news ticking you off?


1. TikTok Is No Free App
Everyone I know uses TikTok. Especially during the pandemic, the video-sharing app has provided free entertainment for millions of teenagers. But serious ethical and privacy issues remain. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, is based in Beijing and subject to Chinese laws that require companies to work with government intelligence agencies if asked. There can be no guarantee that your private information won’t be shared with the Chinese government.
1. TikTok 抖音(中國公司開發的軟體)
2. pandemic 全球大流行疫情
3. ethical and privacy issues 道德與隱私問題
4. sth’s parent company ……的母公司
5. be based in 將某地設為總部;以某處為主要地點
6. subject to 使服從;使隸屬;使遭受
7. government intelligence agencies 政府情報機構
Furthermore, TikTok censors unflattering information about China. The company says it has updated its moderation guidelines, which no longer reference specific countries and incidents, but whatever the official wording, the intent is clear. Using TikTok means acceding to this suppression of free speech and violation of our privacy. It might be fun to sing and dance with your friends, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s free.
8. censor unflattering information 審查不符上意的資訊
9. update its moderation guidelines 更新它的審查準則
10. no longer 不再
11. reference specific countries and incidents 提及具體的國家與事件
12. official wording 官方的措辭
13. the intent is clear 該意圖是明確的
14. accede to 答應;同意
15. the suppression of free speech 言論自由的壓迫
16. make the mistake of 犯下⋯⋯的錯誤

—John, Brown University, neuroscience

2. Less Hype, More Fun

When it comes to privacy, TikTok worries me no more than U.S. social-media apps do. Mobile apps live in what technologists call a “sandbox.” Unlike apps on your computer, which have access to the whole machine, mobile apps can only view a limited portion of your data—the parts to which users give it access, such as your contacts. Sometimes they exceed the user agreements in certain limited ways, but deleting TikTok out of anxiety that the Chinese are reading your private text messages is irrational.
17. when it comes to… 當提及⋯⋯
18. no more than 最多;不超過;僅僅*
19. social-media apps 社群媒體應用程式
20. sandbox 沙盒
21. have access to 可以進入⋯⋯
22. a limited portion of ⋯⋯的一小部分
23. exceed the user agreements 超越用戶協議
24. out of anxiety 出於焦慮
25. irrational 不合理的;沒有理性的
—Reed, University of Texas, finance

*no more than: https://bit.ly/2OXMbSKhttps://bit.ly/3g71mVA

3. The Real Problem
Privacy should be a concern, and it’s good to hear the federal government is at least looking into it. But the bigger issue with TikTok is the drain on productivity. If Instagram is caffeine, addictive but with a clear purpose, TikTok is cocaine. I have in mind friends of mine who rot their brains watching TikTok videos for hours at a time—all while on “five-minute study breaks.”
26. it’s good to hear 很高興聽到……
27. the federal government 聯邦政府
28. looking into sth 調查;研究
29. the drain on productivity 生產力耗盡
30. caffeine 咖啡因
31. addictive 使人上癮的
32. cocaine 古柯鹼
33. have sth in mind 想好;慮及
34. five-minute study breaks 讀書時的五分鐘休息時間
—Sam, Columbia University, financial economics

4. Join the Club

TikTok’s connection to China doesn’t concern me—almost every other social-media platform has equally difficult privacy concerns. Facebook is paying a $5 billion fine to the Federal Trade Commission for violating user privacy. Google keeps every search a user makes, and many Google services on Android devices and iPhones track the user’s location. I’ve no doubt that my iPhone, which was made largely in China and contains all my banking information, emails, text messages and more, gives Apple a frightening amount of information about me.
35. connection to 與⋯⋯的關係
36. privacy concerns 隱私顧慮
37. pay a fine 繳交罰金
38. violate user privacy 違反用戶隱私
39. track the user’s location 追蹤用戶的位置
40. have no doubt 毫無疑問
41. be made in china 是中國製造
42. banking information 銀行資訊
43. a frightening amount of information 數量驚人的資訊
—Andrew, Georgetown University, government


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