[時事英文] TikTok收購風波: 出售原因及交易前景

The clock is ticking on TikTok.  




TikTok parent ByteDance Ltd., a Beijing-based company, has mulled a range of options in recent months to assuage concerns from officials in the U.S. and other countries about the service’s ties to China. Concerns about a potential U.S. ban, in part, drove discussions to explore a deal. The Redmond, Wash., software giant on Sunday said it is interested in buying TikTok’s U.S. business—as well as the app’s service in Canada, Australia and New Zealand—and is willing to try to address the White House’s concerns, though it warned that it would walk away from talks by Sept. 15 if a deal isn’t completed.

1. mull sth over 仔細思考、反覆考慮
2. assuage (v.) 緩和;減輕;平息
3. drive sth to 驅使
4. explore a deal 探討交易、尋求交易
5. software giant 軟體巨頭 (指微軟)
6. address (v.) concerns 解除、處理疑慮
7. walk away from talks 不再進行談判



U.S. officials have said they are concerned TikTok—which has hundreds of millions of users world-wide, and about 100 million in the U.S.—could provide data collected from American users to China’s authoritarian government. TikTok has said it would never do so. Officials also worry that the app could be used to spread Chinese propaganda and that the platform’s moderators are censoring content to appease Chinese government leaders.

8. hundreds of millions of 數億的
9. world-wide 全球
10. provide data (that has been) collected 提供被收集的數據
11. authoritarian government 威權政府
12. propaganda 宣傳
13. moderator 評分審核人
14. censor (v.) content 審查內容
15. appease (v.) government leaders取悅政府(領袖)



The purchase of TikTok’s U.S. operations, a deal that would likely cost billions of dollars, would bring a huge pool of mostly young users to a company that has thrived during Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s tenure largely by focusing on corporate customers. Microsoft would likely invest to grow the app’s user base as well as its relationships with advertisers as it competes with the likes of platforms owned by Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Snap Inc. and others. TikTok globally isn’t profitable though Microsoft has deep pockets to invest in the platform. Microsoft could leverage its pool of TikTok’s mostly younger users to bolster its Xbox videogame business and its advertising business, which currently centers on its Bing search engine.

16. would likely 有可能…
would (假設語氣): https://bit.ly/2PuV06F
17. a huge pool of users一大批用戶
pool: https://bit.ly/3idpPZV
18. thrive (v.) 興旺、繁榮
19. tenure 任期
20. user base 用戶基礎
21. advertiser 廣告商
22. the like of sb/sth; sb’s/sth’s like …之類
23. profitable 有盈利的
24. have deep pockets to invest 有雄厚資金可以投資 (口袋夠深)
25. leverage (v.) 借助已有的…實現新(或更好)的目標
26. bolster (v.) 提高;改善
27. center (v.) on 集中在
28. search engine 搜索引擎

收購TikTok的美國業務可能會花費數十億美元,同時這將為微軟帶來一大批用戶,其中大多數是年輕用戶。在首席執行官納德拉(Satya Nadella)任內,微軟主要通過專注企業客戶實現了蓬勃發展。在與Facebook Inc. (FB)、Twitter Inc. (TWTR)、Snap Inc. (SNAP)等公司的平台展開競爭之際,微軟可能會投資擴大該應用的用戶基礎及其與廣告客戶的關係。TikTok在全球還沒有盈利,不過微軟有雄厚的資金投資這個平台。微軟可以利用TikTok以年輕人為主體的用戶群,提振Xbox遊戲業務和廣告業務。目前,微軟的廣告業務主要集中在必應(Bing)搜索引擎上。



How is news of the potential sale being received in China?
The potential sale is hardening suspicions of some in China that the U.S. is trying to sabotage efforts to nurture homegrown technology enterprises, with TikTok being among the country’s first apps that is a global smash hit. The partial or complete sale of TikTok has also raised concerns about the precedent a deal could set for Chinese companies with global ambitions as U.S.-China relations unravel.

29. potential sale 可能進行的交易
30. harden suspicion 加劇懷疑
31. sabotage暗中破壞、蓄意破壞(計劃或行動)
32. nurture (v.) 扶植
33. homegrown technology enterprises本土科技企業
34. a global smash hit 一款全球轟動的(應用軟體)
35. raise concerns 引起關注、擔心
36. set a precedent 設下先例
37. unravel (v.) 破壞 (這裡指中美關係出現裂痕)




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