[翻轉視界 3] 媽媽是世界上最辛苦工作

To all the mothers out there, thank you for your sacrifices and happy Mother’s Day!

辛苦了, 媽媽們!


原文及圖片授權來自於 Humans of Taipei​和台灣社區實踐協會​


Before I got married, I worked in a factory ran by a Japanese company. I worked my way up to management and saved some money to purchase a house after marriage. Little did I expect how different life would be after I got married.

1. work your way up/to the top 逐步達成: https://bit.ly/2La73Eu

2. little did somebody know/realize/think 用來說某人不知道或認為某事會發生或是真的: https://bit.ly/2SJ7s4Z



My ex-husband and I were introduced by friends. I have never had much confidence in my relationships. I was always the weaker half, the one who was always left behind. Before my ex-husband, I had a boyfriend who proposed marriage, but his mother felt that I was too much of an introvert and could not help him manage his business. We parted ways in the end. My ex-husband and I got married a few months after we began dating. He had been working in his company for five to six years at the time, so I felt he had a stable life. He also felt like a family man and one who loves children. While he was not rich, I felt we could live a stable and happy life.

3. have confidence in… 對…有信心
4. propose marriage 提出結婚、論及婚嫁
5. introvert 性格內向者
6. part ways 分開
7. see each other 交往,談戀愛
8. a family man 關心家庭的人
9. stable life 穩定的生活



After marriage, we had our eldest daughter and a son three years later, but I had to raise them myself. My husband would always return home after midnight, and he never paid for any living expenses other than rent. I tried to help maintain his image so I kept silent. However, I just did not have enough money, so I called his company one day and asked his boss when he would be paid. His boss was surprised. He told me that my husband’s salary was higher than that of the factory director and we should not have to worry about basic necessities.

10. raise 撫養
11. pay living expense 支付生活開銷
12. maintain one’s image 維持形象
13. factory director 廠長
14. basic necessities 基本生活必需物品與花用



I really didn’t know where he went in the middle of the night, and where he spent all his money. I hung on because I felt that the children must have a father and a complete family. I thought that I had already hung on for so long—if I had given up, then everything would have been for nothing. The money I had saved to purchase a house was completely spent on my children. I could only eat one meal a day, and at times the three of us would only share a single lunchbox.

15. hang on 堅持*
16. at times 有時
17. lunchbox 便當

*hang on (5): https://bit.ly/3frV9Uf



Could you imagine what we went through? There wasn’t a TV or a computer in our house. Even when the air conditioner or the washing machine was broken, we could not fix it. I had to wash the clothes by hand! The social worker would ask me why the kids’ clothes stank, and I did not know what to tell them. Thankfully, after I began working, we could occasionally take our clothes to a coin-operated laundromat.

18. go through 遭受,經歷,經受(苦難等)
19. stink (v.) 散發異味,發出難聞的氣味
20. thankfully 通常用於句首,表示高興或感激)幸好,幸虧
21. coin-operated laundromat 投幣式洗衣店*

*launderette: https://bit.ly/2Wb8FUz



I hung on for a decade before filing for divorce. I found out later that my ex-husband had debt problems. He did not bring any money home, so I could only use credit cards to purchase groceries. Whatever he wanted to buy, he would ask me to use my card. I even had to pay his phone bills. Sometimes the bills amounted to 20,000 a month, so I told my husband I would not pay. “That’s fine, but then you and the kids wouldn’t be able to reach me anymore, ” he said. The debts piled up until finally, I negotiated a debt settlement with the bank and asked my in-laws for money to pay the bank. I decided to file for divorce afterward.

22. get a divorce 離婚
23. debt problem 債務問題
24. purchase groceries 購買食品雜貨
25. pile up(使)(不好的事物)增加,(使)累積
26. debt settlement 還債計畫*
27. in-laws 姻親
28. file for divorce 在法庭提起離婚訴訟

*debt settlement https://bit.ly/3djBofy



At present, my children and I are still living with my ex-husband, because you need to have a two-month deposit and payment for the first month to rent a place. I have to work harder and save. Ah Shan and them (social workers) found me a job at a supermarket. I wished it would open soon so I could save and move out.

29. deposit 押金
30. social worker 社工



All girls want a good husband. However, if your husband doesn’t really love you, it doesn’t matter how rich he is. Even if your husband does not make much, if he cares for his family, then he is a good husband.



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