[時事英文] 臺灣六大戰略產業

In President Tsai’s inauguration speech, it was mentioned that Taiwan will develop six core strategic industries to transform Taiwan into a critical force in the global economy. Below are the six industries and plans for developing them.

Are you ready for the development of next generation technologies?
Six Core Strategic Industries

First, we will continue to develop our information and digital industries. We will take advantage of Taiwan’s strengths in the semiconductor and ICT industries to secure a central role in global supply chains, and make Taiwan a major base for the development of next generation technologies, including IoT and AI.
1. information and digital industries 資訊與數位產業
2. semiconductor 半導體
3. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) 資訊與通訊科技
4. secure a central role 獲得一個核心地位
5. a major base 重要的基地
6. IoT (Internet of Things) 物聯網
7. AI (Artificial Intelligence) 人工智慧

Second, we are going to develop a cybersecurity industry that can integrate with 5G, digital transformation, and our national security. We will strive to create cybersecurity systems and an industrial chain that can protect our country and earn the world’s trust.
8. cybersecurity industry 資安產業
9. integrate with 結合
10. digital transformation 數位轉型
Third, we are going to create biotech and medical technology industries integrated with the rest of the world. Throughout this pandemic, Taiwanese teams have proven that they are capable of working with world-class technologies to produce reagents and develop new drugs and vaccines. We are going to give these industries our utmost support, and transform Taiwan into a key force in the global battle against infectious diseases.
11. biotech and medical technology 生物與醫療科技
12. capable of 有能力做……
13. world-class 世界級的;世界一流的
14. reagent 試劑;試藥
15. vaccine 疫苗
16. utmost support 全力扶持;最大的支持
17. key force 關鍵力量
18. infectious diseases 傳染病
Fourth, we are going to develop national defense and strategic industries by integrating military and civilian capabilities. In addition to domestically-produced naval vessel and aircraft programs that are currently underway, we will push harder to promote technological integration between the military and the private sector, to stimulate private sector production capabilities, and advance into the aviation and space industries.
19. national defense 國防
20. strategic industries 戰略產業
21. domestically-produced 國內製造
22. naval vessel 軍艦
23. underway 正在進行的;正在發生的
24. push harder 更加努力
25. technological integration 技術整合
26. stimulate 激發;刺激
27. private sector 私營部門(即民營);民間
28. the aviation and space industries 航空與太空產業
Fifth, we are going to accelerate the development of green energy and renewable energy industries. Over the past four years, renewable energy has experienced explosive growth, and Taiwan has become a hotspot for international investment. Building on this foundation, I am confident that we will achieve our goal of deriving 20% of our overall energy from green sources by 2025. We are going to make Taiwan a center for green energy in Asia.
29. green energy 綠能
30. renewable energy 再生能源
31. explosive growth 飛躍性地增長
32. hotspot 熱點
33. derive sth from sth 從…中得到,從…中獲得、取得
Sixth, we are going to establish strategic stockpile industries that can ensure the steady provision of critical supplies. Facing changes to the global order, we need to keep key industrial chains in Taiwan and maintain a certain degree of self-sufficiency in the production of face masks, medical and daily supplies, energy, and food.
34. strategic stockpile industries 戰略儲備產業
35. the steady provision of critical supplies 關鍵物資的穩定供應
36. the global order 全球秩序
37. key industrial chains 重要的產業鏈
38. a certain degree of 一定程度的……
39. self-sufficiency 自給自足
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How might we develop these industries? What would be the first step to take?