[時事英文] Why don’t Americans wear masks?

[時事英文] Why don’t Americans wear masks?

Many simply do not have access to them, but some people do not wear masks, even when they are available. Why?

許多人根本無法使用口罩,但即使有,也有一些人沒有戴口罩。 為什麼?



As people resume going out in public in the middle of a pandemic, to wear or not to wear a face mask has become a personal statement and sometimes a political one.

1. go out (尤指為了去娛樂)外出,出門參加社交活動

2. pandemic(疾病)大規模流行的,廣泛蔓延的

3. a personal statement 個人表述



Public health experts have reacted in horror both at the sight of public places where people have crowded without masks, and at demonstrations, like those in Michigan and California, where protesters without masks have been jammed together and at times yelled in the faces of police officers. Experts described wearing a face covering as a considerate act meant more to protect others than the person wearing it.

4. react in horror 感到恐懼、震驚

5. at the sight of… 看見…*

6. demonstration 遊行;示威

7. be jammed together 被擠在一起

8. at times 有時

9. describe…as 將…描繪成

公衛專家對於觀察到大眾在擁擠的公共場所中以及大型遊行活動中不戴口罩感到驚恐不已。例如在密西根州和加利福尼亞州等示威活動中,未佩戴口罩的抗議者被緊密的聚在一起,有時還對著員警的臉吆喝。 專家將佩戴面罩描述為一個體貼的,比起佩戴者更為保護他人的行為。

*at the sight of http://bitly.ws/8tCv


Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio had included a face-covering mandate as part of plans to reopen businesses, but he changed course. “It became clear to me that that was just a bridge too far,” Mr. DeWine, a Republican, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “People were not going to accept the government telling them what to do.”

10. a face-covering mandate 口罩令*

11. bridge (n.) 橋樑;過渡*

12. go too far 做得過分

俄州州長狄懷恩(Mike DeWine)之前將口罩令*作為重啟經濟的一部分,但他改變了方向。「現在我意識到這是一個過分的過渡(舉措),」共黨員的狄懷恩週日在美國廣播公司(ABC)「本週」(This Week)節目上表示。「民眾並不打算接受政府告訴他們該怎麼做。」


*bridge: https://bit.ly/2WtDaUH 


Rafael Palma, 43, does not wear a mask, and he and his wife, a health worker, have been going out in public and to church. They also participated in a protest this weekend in Sacramento to push California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, to reopen more of the state. “It’s not like I’m hugging people and kissing them or anything like that,” he said.

He said guidelines were confusing, pointing to earlier guidance that masks should be reserved for health care workers and could only protect those who had the virus from spreading it. “People argue that we’re careless and not thinking about others — that we’re spreading the disease,” Mr. Palma said. “But in order to do that, you have to have it.”

13. participate in… 參加…

14. guideline 指導方針

15. reserve for… 保留給…

16. careless 不小心的;馬虎的

17. in order to 為了 

43歲的拉斐爾·帕爾瑪(Rafael Palma)沒有戴口罩,他和他的妻子(一名衛生工作者)已經外出公共場所和教堂參與活動。他們還參加了本週末在沙加緬度多舉行的抗議活動,以敦促加利福尼亞州州長葛文·紐森(Gavin Newsom)重新開放該州的更多地方。他說:「這又不像我在擁抱別人並親吻他們,或者其他類似的東西。」

他說(政府的)指導方針令人困惑,(他)指的是較早的指導方針,即應為醫護人員保留口罩,並且只保護感染病毒的人免於傳播病毒。 帕爾瑪表示:「人們認為我們不小心,沒有考慮到別人,而是在傳播這種疾病,」 帕爾瑪先生說:「但為了做到這一點,就必須有口罩。」


In Brooklyn, most of the people spending the afternoon in Prospect Park wore masks. Others had them — but they were pulled down to their chin, or in their hands for strategic deployment.

Along a segment of Atlanta’s BeltLine, a walking and biking trail cutting through the city, David Johnson wore a colorful masked pulled up to his nose as he rode his bike. He noticed that it looked like more people had their faces covered. “People give you the stink eye if you don’t have a mask on,” he said.”

18. strategic 有助於計劃成功的;戰略(性)的

19. strategic deployment 戰略性的使用

20. walking and biking trail 步道與自行車道

21. pull up 拉到

22. notice that 注意到

23. stink eye 不認同的眼神*

24. have a mask on 戴上口罩

在布魯克林的展望公園,大多數在此享受午後的民眾都戴上了口罩。剩下的人把口罩拉到下巴,或是拿在手上,視情況戰略性的使用。戴維·約翰遜(David Johnson)沿著亞特蘭大的環城大道路段,那是穿過城市的步行和自行車道,當他騎車時他戴著的彩色的面具被拉到鼻子上。 他注意到看起來好像有更多的人將自己的面部遮蓋。 他說:「如果你沒有戴口罩,人們會給你不認同的眼神。」

*give sb the stink eye: http://bitly.ws/8tCI


《紐約時報》完整報導: http://bitly.ws/8tCv

圖片出處: https://bit.ly/2WnJ89I


The sooner people start wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the sooner life can return to “normal.”

執行「人身距離」,而非「社交距離」: https://bit.ly/3fgpxRt

為什麼應該戴口罩: https://bit.ly/2R83qSO