[時事英文] 總統辯論的「經典名句」


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韓國瑜先生 Han Kuo-yu
1. 人不能忘本,人不能忘根。飲水思源,吃水果拜樹頭,謝謝農產公司給我這麼好的、甜蜜的回憶。
People can’t forget their roots. When you drink water, think of its source. When you eat fruit, pray to/thank the tree. Thank the Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation for such sweet, fond memories.
2. 整個台灣南部的生命力沒有放出來,整個南臺灣最多的優勢沒有挖掘出來,太可惜,所以未來一定要南北一起發展,帶動中台灣、帶動全台灣的經濟。
The vitality/energy of the entire southern Taiwan has not been released, and the greatest advantages of the southern Taiwan has not been tapped into. It is a pity, so in the future both the North and the South must be developed together to drive Taiwan’s economic growth.
3. 台灣人追求自我民主,代表台灣人心願。
The pursuit of a self-governed democracy represents the wishes of the Taiwanese people.
4. 國防最高原則,戰爭沒有贏家,和平沒有輸家。
The highest principle of national defense is that there is no winner in war and no loser in peace.
5. 沒有乾淨政治就不會有清廉執政。
There can be no upright/corruption-free governing without honest/clean politics.
6. 我們在這裡選總統,我生在台灣長在台灣,將來我們都會死在台灣,葬在台灣。
We are running for president here. I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Taiwan. In the future, we will all die in Taiwan and be buried in Taiwan.
7. 親愛的台灣人民 我們到底要浪費多少時間在無聊的意識型態?
Dear Taiwanese people, how much time are we going to waste on boring ideology?
8. 我們有中華文化,讓我們精神層面、儒學我跟我們老祖宗可以聯繫再一起。
We have Chinese culture. Let us connect with our ancestors spiritually and through Confucianism.
宋楚瑜先生 James Soong Chu-yu
1. 我必須要向全國人民宣誓余必遵守憲法,盡忠職務,增進人民福利,保衛國家。
I must swear to the people throughout the country that I will abide by the Constitution, fulfill my duties, promote the welfare of the people, and defend our country.
2. 總統就是台灣這條船的船長,要把舵把好。
The president is the captain of the ship known as Taiwan, and he has to steer the rudder right.
3. 要維護我們台灣自由民主的價值,讓台灣的人民相信自由民主是可貴的,找回我們人民對於政府的信任,也找回台灣人民對民主政治的信心。
We must safeguard the value of Taiwan ’s freedom and democracy, and convince the people of Taiwan that freedom and democracy are invaluable. We must also restore the trust of our people in the government and the confidence of the Taiwanese people in democracy.
4. 程序正義有時候比實質正義還要重要。正義不只是過程,而且是價值。
Procedural justice is sometimes more important than substantive justice. Justice is not only a process, but also a value.
5. 各位親愛的頭家們、我欸頭家、您才是台灣真正的主人啊。發揮,咱台灣人的精神,奮鬥到底,謝謝您。
Dear bosses/people, my bosses, you are the true masters of Taiwan. Let ’s make full use of the Taiwanese spirit. Thank you.
6. 我只講一句話,我們可以有不同的過去,卻我們有共同的未來,我們都了解共同的價值是守護台灣民主。
I will only say one sentence. We have different pasts, but a common future. We all understand that our common value is to protect Taiwan’s democracy.
7. 任何台灣現狀的改變必須要得到台灣兩千三百萬人,以民主的方式共同決定以民主的方式來決定。
Any change in the status quo of Taiwan must be determined by the 23 million people of Taiwan in a democratic way.
8. 台灣人民有個很大專長,他有耐心,就是他會最後做最好的判斷,那就是他了解的到他才是國家未來的頭家。
The people of Taiwan have a great virtue. They have patience and they will make the best judgment in the end; that is, they know that they are the head of the country’s future.
蔡英文女士 Tsai Ing-wen
1. 中華民國要萬歲,就先要落實國防自主,中華民國要萬歲,要先做好我們的經濟轉型,中華民國萬歲,就要堅守我們民主自由的生活方式。
If the Republic of China is to persist, we must first possess national defense autonomy. If the Republic of China is to persist, we must first do well in our economic transformation. If the Republic of China is to persist, we must safeguard our democratic way of life.
2. 只要我們有共同的認知,對未來有共同認知,共同方向,沒有人可以欺負我們。
As long as we have a common understanding, a common understanding of our future, and a common direction, no one can bully us.
3. 這場選舉有輸有贏,對國家主權沒有一致想法,誰贏國家都會輸。
This election has winners and losers. If there is no consensus on national sovereignty, the country will lose no matter who wins.
4. 希望各位能夠放下各自政黨跟包袱,一起團結抵禦中國的文攻武嚇,想想子女未來,不要犯同樣的下歷史錯誤。
I hope that you can let go of your respective political parties and burdens, and unite against China’s media attacks and military intimidation. Think about your children’s future and don’t make/repeat the same historical mistakes.
5. 區域安全機制的參與跟建構,最重要的是我們的民心士氣,更重要的一件事情,我們必須告訴全世界,台灣有多重要,無論是在產業、民主發展上面、在科技上,我們是重要國家,值得全世界民主國家一起協助台灣、幫助台灣的國家。
The most important thing in the participation and construction of regional security is our morale. More importantly, we must tell the world how important Taiwan is. Whether it is in terms of industry, democratic development, or technology, we are an Important country worthy of the collaboration and assistance of democratic countries around the world.
6. 我相信北京當局終究會跟台灣打交道,在可見的未來,兩岸關係能化解是可見的。
I believe that Beijing authorities will eventually deal with Taiwan. In the foreseeable future, (it can be seen that) cross-strait relations can be resolved.
7. As President, I will also use the constitutional provisions and the will of the people as a basis for my administration.
我擔任總統 我也會按照憲法的條文、按照人民的意志,來作為我執政的一個基礎。
8. 1/11,手上的這張選票,可以決定我們今天民主自由的生活方式是不是可以繼續下去,全世界都在看台灣,1/11怎麼做。謝謝大家。
January 11, this ballot in your hand can determine whether our democratic and free lifestyle can continue. The whole world is watching Taiwan. What will you do on January 11? Thank you all.
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