Jenny Lee marched with a friend through the streets of Hong Kong, hoisting an American flag over her shoulder. “We hold this to tell the world that we want democracy and freedom,” she explained.

1. march through 遊行穿過
2. hoist…over her shoulder 她肩上扛著…
3. democracy and freedom 民主與自由
The authorities in China, however, are holding up those kinds of gestures as evidence of what Chinese officials portray as an American campaign to orchestrate the protests that have roiled Hong Kong for almost three months.
4. hold…up as… 把…當作…的一個例子*
5. evidence of 的證據
6. portray as 描述為
7. campaign (v.) to 策劃; 從事…活動
8. orchestrate an protest 策劃抗議活動
China’s increasingly caustic accusations against the United States — in state media and official statements — reflect a deepening conviction that support for democratic rights in Hong Kong is part of a broader effort to undermine the Communist Party.
9. caustic accusations 尖刻的指責
10. state media 官方媒體
11. a deepening conviction 日益強烈的信念
12. a part of a broader effort to… 廣泛努力…的一部分
13. undermine(常指逐漸地)削弱信心、權威等
There has been no concrete evidence that the protests are anything but what demonstrators say they are: a largely leaderless upwelling of frustration and resistance to the mainland’s encroaching control of Hong Kong’s affairs. But Chinese officials now point to a pattern of American actions that they say amounts to foreign interference, even collusion.
14. no concrete evidence 沒有具體證據
15. a leaderless resistance 無人領導的反抗
16. encroaching control 侵犯的控制
17. foreign interference 外國干預
18. collusion (n.) 串通
Some of the accusations amount to little more than crude disinformation, but others are grounded in just enough fact to spin a conspiracy theory of covert American nefariousness, intended to loosen the Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s authoritarian grip on power.
19. amount to 等於;意味著
20. crude disinformation 粗製的虛假信息
21. be grounded in enough facts 有夠用的事實根據
22. a conspiracy theory 一個陰謀論
23. covert 暗中的
24. be intend to 目的是
25. authoritarian grip 威權控制
China’s liaison office in Hong Kong on Monday, for example, vehemently denounced a relatively mild, bipartisan statement by the chairman and a ranking member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Eliot Engel of New York and Michael McCaul of Texas, that expressed support for the protests and called on both sides “to refrain from violence and seek a peaceful accommodation.”
26. liaison office 聯絡辦公室
27. vehemently denounce 強烈譴責
28. a mild bipartisan statement 一份溫和的兩黨聲明
29. refrain from violence 避免暴力
30. seek a peaceful accommodation 尋求一個和平的解決方案
舉例而言,中國駐香港聯絡辦公室(簡稱中聯辦)週一強烈譴責了美國國會一份措辭相當溫和的兩黨聲明,聲明是眾議院外交關係委員會主席和資深成員紐約州的艾略特·恩格爾(Eliot Engel)和得克薩斯州的麥可·麥考爾(Michael McCaul)聯名發表的。聲明對抗議活動表示了支持,同時呼籲雙方「避免暴力,尋求一個和平的解決方案」。
A spokesman for the Chinese office replied in a statement that the two men, Democrat and Republican respectively, “have ignored the facts, turned black into white, harbored evil intentions and nakedly interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs.”
31. ignore the facts 無視事實
32. turn black into white 顛倒黑白
33. harbor evil intentions 包藏禍心
34. interfere in Internal affairs 干涉內政
On the streets, Hong Kong’s protesters have mocked China’s accusations, saying they were intended to belittle their grievances.
35. mock…accusations 嘲笑…的指控
36. belittle their grievances 貶低他們的的不滿
Phoebe Chan, who accompanied her American flag-carrying friend, Jenny Lee, ridiculed Chinese media reports that protesters were being paid to participate. “We are coming out on our own,” she said.
37. be paid to participate 被付錢來參加
38. come on our own 自願來
與舉著美國國旗的朋友珍妮·李(Jenny Lee)一起走上街頭的菲比·陳(Phoebe Chan)針對中國媒體關於抗議者拿錢參加抗議活動的報導說「我們都是自願來的,」。
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