[時事英文] Jack Ma vs. Elon Musk on AI (馬雲對話馬斯克:人工智能)

What usually happens is a balance between two extremes but I’m leaning towards Mr. Musk’s views. What are your thoughts?
1. a balance between two extremes 兩個極端之間的平衡
2. lean towards 傾向
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Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Tesla’s Elon Musk took opposing views of the risks and potential rewards of artificial intelligence at an event in Shanghai.
阿里巴巴的馬雲和特斯拉(Tesla)的伊隆·馬斯克(Elon Musk)在上海進行了對話,二人對於人工智能(AI)技術的風險和潛在益處有截然不同的看法。
3. take an opposing view 採取相反的觀點
4. the potential risks and rewards 潛在的風險和回報
5. artificial intelligence 人工智能
The Chinese entrepreneur said he was “quite optimistic” about AI and thought it was nothing for “street smart” people like them to be scared of. “I don’t know man, that’s like famous last words,” responded Tesla’s chief.
6. remain optimistic 保持樂觀
7. street smart 適應都市生活的,具有都市生存智慧的 ; 在實際的生活經歷中得來的智慧
8. famous last words 著名的最後遺言
The two did, however, agree on one topic: that one of the biggest problems the world is facing is population collapse. Their 45-minute conversation kicked off the World AI Conference (WAIC), which ties into China’s goal of overtaking the US to become the world’s leading artificial intelligence innovator by 2030.
9. population decline 人口下降
10. kick off 開始
11. tie into 結合成一體,(使)配合得當,(使)有聯繫
12. leading artificial intelligence innovator 領先/領導的人工智能創新者
Mr. Ma focused much of his comments on how machine learning could act as a force for good. He said it was something “to embrace” and would deliver fresh insights into how people think. “When human beings understand ourselves better, then we can improve the world better,” he explained. Furthermore, he predicted AI would help create new kinds of jobs, which would require less of our time and be centred on creative tasks
13. focus (sth) on sb/sth 集中,特別關注
14. a force for good 善良力量
15. insight into 對….深刻的見解
By contrast, Mr. Musk suggested that mass unemployment was a real concern. “AI will make jobs kind of pointless,” he claimed. “Probably the last job that will remain will be writing AI, and then eventually, the AI will just write its own software.”He added that there was a risk that human civilization could come to an end and ultimately be seen as a staging post for a superior type of life.
16. mass unemployment 大規模失業
17. a real concern 實實在在的問題
18. make…pointless 令…變得無意義
19. come to an end 終結
20. staging post (長途旅行的)中途站
To avoid such a fate, he said we needed to find a way to connect our brains to computers so that we could “go along for the ride with AI” – something he is trying to achieve via one of his latest start-ups. Otherwise, he cautioned, AI would become weary of trying to communicate with humans, as we would be much slower thinkers in comparison.
21. to avoid such a fate 避免這樣一種命運
22. go along for the ride 跟著走;搭順風車;湊熱鬧
23. be weary of 厭煩,不耐煩;倦
By contrast, Mr. Ma acknowledged that AI could now beat humans at games like chess and Go, but claimed computers would only be one of several intelligent tools that we would develop in time. Although Mr. Ma acknowledged that we needed to find ways to become “more creative and constructive”, he concluded that “my view is that [a] computer may be clever, but human beings are much smarter”.
相反,馬雲則認為,雖然AI現在可能在象棋和「精靈寶可夢」(Pokemon Go)等遊戲當中擊敗人類,但是他堅持認為,電腦最終只會是我們發展的多種智能工具之一。雖然馬雲承認,我們需要尋找方法來變得「更加有創造力和建設性」,但是他斷定,「我的觀點是電腦可能很聰明,但是人類還是會聰明得多。
24. acknowledge 承認;認可…屬實或存在
25. more creative and constructive 更具創造性和建設性
Mr. Musk responded: “Yeah, definitely not.
Towards the end of the event the two men came together on one point – that concerns about overpopulation were misguided.” Assuming… there’s a benevolent future with AI, I think that the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years is population collapse,” said Mr. Musk.”I want to emphasize this, the biggest issue in 20 years will be population collapse, not explosion collapse.” Mr. Ma said he was absolutely in agreement.
26. come together on… 在…的觀點是一致的
27. misguide 誤導
28. a benevolent future with 美好/仁慈的未來
29. population collapse 人口銳減
30. be in agreement 同意
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