VT Speaking Challenge 19: How Machines Learn 機器如何學習?

Vocabulary Challenge 19: https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20190703


Did you guys watch the video?! It is fascinating! I never knew that is how bots “learn” and “function.”For those of you who know computer science, is the information in the video accurate? I only took about a year of computer science in high school and do not have enough knowledge on this subject, but I learn some much from this! Definitely watch it. What words come to your mind when you think of computer science? Bots? Algorithm? Programs?

同學們看過這個影片了嗎?!真是太神奇了!我從來不知道機器人是這樣“學習”和“運作”的。理解computer science的同學,訊息是否準確?我在高中只花了大約一年的compiter science,對這個主題知之甚少,但我從影片中學到了很多東西!絕對要看它。當你想到計算機科學時會想到什麼單字?Bots? Algorithm? Programs?

It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data.


So let’s say this sentence again.

It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data.


It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data.

OK, you know this game. What are the possible thought groups? 「字組」

It’s a reason (1)
why companies are obsessed (2)
with collecting data.(3)

I strongly suggest just saying this mucg pause as the sentence is quite concise.


How about intonation? 語調

It’s a reason why companies are obsessed (rise)
with collecting data. (fall)

Nice and easy here, just a short sentence.

We also use falling intonation when we say something definite, or when we want to be very clear about something.


What about the sentence stress? 句子的重音 You could say:

It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data.

So, here, we stressed reason, companies, obsessed, and collecting. the most important words that I want to emphasize are probably obsessed and collecting. Data is important but perhaps it is not stressed as much because when the listeners hear collecting, they already know data will be said given the context.

OK, it’s grammar time!!! 大家最愛的文法時間到了!!!

I chose this sentence because it is useful in your speech.

It’s a reason why companies are obsessed with collecting data.

Why did the sentence use “a reason” and not “the reason”?

A reason means that it could be one of many reasons.

The reason means it may be the only reason or a reason that everyone is familiar with.

Another point I want to make is the clause:

why companies are obsessed with collecting data.

This is an adjective clause modifying the noun reason.

You can use this in speech,

The reason why I am hungry is that I did not eat lunch.
The reason why companies want to collect your data is that they want to analyze your spending patterns.

Now, many will say, teacher, why do I have to use this structure? Grammar is so complex and useless.

I could just say companies want to collect data because they want your money.

This is much easier! Complex sentences suck.

the reason why is…wait, I just used it.

I want listeners to focus on a reason, which is why I used this pattern.

I then said

A reason why companies want to collect your data is to connect this idea with the previous sentence and also remind you about my main point.

So you see, there is a reason why certain sentence patterns exist. Understanding their functions in different contexts will allow you to choose the appropriate one in different contexts. This is quite important in writing and even speech.


句型:S+V+the reason+why+S+V.
Jack explained the reason why he did not go to school.
Jack 解釋他沒去學校的原因。

OK, let’s take a break!

Wow! Technology is amazing, but do you think computers will one day run everything? People have been afraid of technology usage since the industrial revolution. This group of people was called Luddites. They were English textile workers who destroyed textile machinery as a form of protest. They fear that technology will essentially allow factory owners to treat workers unfairly and people would lose their jobs.

My question to you is…do you think that artificial intelligence will one day replace all of us in the workforce? There is an interesting video called the Rise of Machines by Kurgesagt on YouTube, It claims that automation is different this time because technology is replacing more and more jobs without creating many new jobs. So, what do you think will happen? Will this change be positive for human society? Watch the video, do research, and think. But do more than think, make yourself irreplaceable.

OK, let’s get back to English learning!

Word Form
Word of the day!

1. algorithm

a set of mathematical instructions or rules that, especially if given to a computer, will help to calculate an answer to a problem


complex algorithm

Music apps use algorithms to predict the probability that music fans will like a particular band.


2. module

one of a set of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole


multiple modules 多個模塊
mathematical modules 數學模塊

The full computer program is made up of several modules (= small programs) which should be individually tested before being integrated.


3. random

happening, done, or chosen by chance rather than according to a plan


random checks/tests/attacks

We asked a random sample/selection of people what they thought.

4. infinite

without limits; extremely large or great


an infinite number/variety


infinite possibilities


The universe is theoretically infinite.


With infinite patience, she explained the complex procedure to us.









5. cycle

one in a series of movements that a machine performs


the washing machine’s spin cycle


the period of time needed for a machine to finish a process

This washing machine has a 50-minute cycle.




OK, I’m sure you guys are now experts on psychology and education! Are you ready to make a difference in your own lives and society? Having knowledge is important but what you do with that knowledge is even more important!

Today’s theme song is

The instrumentation was composed with artificial intelligence, lyrics and vocal melodies written byTaryn!!!

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