VT Speaking Challenge 11: Is art important? 藝術是重要的嗎?

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VoiceTubers! Are you art lovers?

Do you like art? We know art is important to society, but why? If I were to
ask you why society needs art, can you give me a two-minute long response off the of your head! Let’s ask Siri! Wait! Siri has to ask Google…

Well, let’s think about this. Let’s begin with some words that come to our
mind when we think of art. How about visual arts? Paintings? Sculptures? Modern art? 

They’re both paintings that really open up possibilities for interpretation with no one correct answer.


They’re both paintings that really open up possibilities for interpretation with no one correct answer.


They’re both paintings that really open up possibilities for interpretation with no one correct answer.

What are the possible thought groups?

-They’re both paintings, (1)

-that really open up possibilities for interpretation (2)

-with no one correct answer (3)

I would probably connect 2 and 3 in speech but I think the original speaker did not.

How about intonation?

-They’re both paintings, (up)

-that really open up possibilities for interpretation (fall-rise, up)->have more info to add

-with no one correct answer (down)


What about the sentence stress? You could say:

-They’re both paintings

-that really open up possibilities for interpretation  

-with no one correct answer

What about the sentence stress? You could say:

-They’re both paintings

-that really open up possibilities for interpretation  

-with no one correct answer

OK, it’s grammar time!!!

Hey! Grammar can be fun too! It’s a systematic way of helping you understand the language. For example, if you are not aware that you need to add an s after third-person singular subject, are you going to be able to pick that up through natural acquisition? How can you discover something when you are not even aware of its existence. It’s possible you can pick these details up by yourself but grammar can help you do so efficiently. So, grammar should not restrict your learning, but it can be a valuable tool when used appropriately!

They’re both paintings that really open up possibilities for interpretation with no one correct answer. 

So today, we are going to talk about relative clauses or adjective clauses. Here, the sentence is

They’re both paintings 

that really open up possibilities for interpretation with no one correct answer. 

Which one is the relative clause?

Yes, the one that follows that. That is a relative pronoun. I’m not going to give you a big verbal grammar lesson because you can read about this sentence structure on my blog.

Essentially, we use relative clauses to add information about a specific noun that can’t be expressed in a word or two. For example,

Should you say

I like the car that is red.


I like the red car?

I like the red car because it’s concise and easy to understand!

How about a book that you read last night? You want to say you hated it.

I hated the book that I read last night. -> there is no easy way for you to replace that idea with a single adjective, so you would use a relative/ adjective clause.

So, here, we are not just learning grammar. We are learning the function of grammar and why certain sentence structures exist, and how to use them appropriately!!!

Adjective or Relative Clauses 形容詞子句/關係子句


http://faculty.deanza.edu/flemingjohn/stories/storyReader$20 (English)

http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/410/grammar/adj.htm (English) (English)


mail.yocjh.kh.edu.tw/~yc0035/materials/adj.clause.doc (Chinese)

http://pub.mlc.edu.tw/viewitem.jsp?itemid=000000000080774 (Chinese)

OK, let’s take a break!

So, what exactly is the function of art? We get asked this question all the time!

There are numerous functions of course. Some break it up into physical functions and social functions. Physical functions are that help a tool, like bowls, clothing, and even weapons things we can use become even more useful. Social functions can include sending out messages, social commentary, and even displaying one’s wealth.

I think for me, art allows people to be who they are and satisfies their innate desire to create, without restrictions and confines. With paper, clay, wood, or metal, we can create whatever we want without restrictions. Before flying machines can exist, for example, they must first be imagined and drawn. Art allows us to do this. It removes restrictions set to our creativity and gives us a way to put our abstract thoughts and imagination onto paper or any other medium. This is, I think, a main function of art. Some even might say the paper is limiting because it limits you to two-dimensional space, in that case, use it as a starting point and create art three-dimensionally.

OK, let’s get back to English learning! 

Word Form
1. interpretation

an explanation or opinion of what something means


one possible interpretation 一種可能的解釋

open to interpretation可作各種詮釋

The dispute is based on two widely differing interpretations of the law.


The rules are vague and open to interpretation.


2. technique

a way of doing an activity that needs skill


technique for (detecting errors)  用於檢測錯誤的的技術

technique of (problem-solving) 問題解決的技術

We have developed a new technique for detecting errors in the manufacturing process.


3. landscape

a large area of countryside, especially in relation to its appearance


a rural/barren landscape


The landscape is dotted with the tents of campers and hikers.


a view or picture of the countryside, or the art of making such pictures

a watercolour landscape


J.M.W. Turner is one of the best-known British landscape painters.


4.  subtlety /ˈsʌt̬.əl.t̬i/

the quality of being subtle


lack subtlety 缺乏微妙之處

considerable subtlety 相當微妙

Listening to the interview, I was impressed by the subtlety of the questions.


[ C ] a small but important detail


All the subtleties of the music are conveyed in this new recording.


5. intimacy

a situation in which you have a close friendship or sexual relationship with someone


intimacy between 之間的親密關係

a situation in which you feel you are in private with someone

the cozy intimacy of the café


OK, that’s another full lesson, but there is so much more to talk about!

Join us for more talks on art in our vocab class! I will provide you with more info there. Ericvocab.com!

See you next week!

The song of the week is Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) by Don McLean